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It's all in the details. Why less is sometimes more...

We recently caught up with the team at Fitzwater Interiors in Philadelphia who were responsible for this uniquely clever minimalist bathroom renovation for their client - Tom Cladeck.  Cladeck had tasked them with revamping the under-27-square-foot main bathroom in his home.


Nood Co Concrete Funl Basin in Powder Blue 


The black and white colour scheme was meticulously planned with minimal fixtures and shelving - all of which do not touch the floor.  Surrounded by strong angles and refined styling our funl basin in powder blue has been wall mounted- taking up minimal space but making maximum impact.  We love the bathroom design so much, we had to share it with you all.



Nood Co Concrete Funl Basin in Powder Blue



What mood were you trying to achieve?
A minimalist, calming, organized, and functional mood. Because the space was small, we needed to be really intentional about the layout and design. Working with a great client like Tom, who was already a fan of Japandi and minimalist interiors, made for a great partnership because his interests and the needs of the space aligned perfectly.





Tell us about the colors, patterns, material choice, and how they work together?
One of our goals was to make the room feel bigger. To achieve that we used small minimal fixtures, like shallow/thin shelves that blended into the tile and fixtures with clean lines. Matching the fixtures, soap dispensers, etc. to the color of the tile behind it helped us be intentional about what we wanted to stand out--like the Nood sink! Small black tiles on the bottom of the room and white at the top also helped add dimension, and it let us highlight the part of the space with things we most want to see.






Tell us about your Nood selection/Why did you select that design and color?

We used the concrete basin vessel sink in light blue for the 37 sq. ft bath. We liked the circular shape and how it contrasted with the tiles, while giving a subtle pop of color. We chose this size because it fit the small space, and the light blue because it felt calming. (We also liked at green and coral, but ultimately decided we wanted to keep it a little more muted.)



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