nood co.

An Accidental Story

The forming of Nood Co Concrete was an accidental one. Derived from a designer and a maker, Nood first came about through a design project in Western Australia.

Co-directors Chris and Matt were redesigning a high-end home in Australia some 7 years ago, and had developed a client design brief that would aim to blend a feminine Parisian interior with masculine concrete. Their goal was to remove all timber (including parquetry flooring), and inject concrete as its replacement.

"We designed and handmade the Trough Sink Vanity Set, a chevron- patterned parquetry concrete tile. The results were magical. The process forced us to look at the problems of concrete. The strength, colour, durability, sealer, packaging and much more. Needless to say, concrete had problems".

"A few months, a conversation and inspection into the concrete world led us to commence work on Nood Co Concrete, a company that would solve the issues of concrete and introduce a new wave of contemporary furniture with a unique perspective. A concrete furniture and basin company built for residential and commercial environments. One that solved the problems of concrete".

6 years later, Nood has developed a range of some 80 pieces, including many basins, dining tables, coffee and side tables, cafe tables, stools and chairs, sofas, sideboards, mirrors and much more.

We offer 14 colours, but more importantly we solved these issues.

Strength, Colour & Design


By improving the strength, we were able to design the worlds first contemporary basin and furniture range. A unique range that gives scope for a whole new way to explore bathroom design.

Increased MPA to ensure strong pieces

View our 24 month structural warranty here.

A solid colouring system

Nood concrete is pigmented with 100% chemical free colour, so the basins are 100% coloured throughout.

Colour consistency and volume

Nood has developed a manufacture process that ensures a volume order will have an unbeatable consistency in colour and patina, removing the issue of concrete and its random nature. So what you sell to your client, is what appears at their doorstep.

Eco-Friendly Materials


Nood concrete has zero chemicals, Nood tint has zero chemicals. Nood basins are waxed in 100% organic wax. Healthy, happy concrete. Nood basins, interestingly, take 96% less embodied energy to make than their ceramic equal.


How do we get these pieces safely sent all over the world ? We developed our own recycled packaging system to ensure safe, manageable and best of all affordable delivery.

Removing wastage

Nood is proud to deliver a 97% pass through rate on its concrete - massively reducing waste.

Real World Function


Our basins are unique in they have several admixes that give the basins an incredible water tolerance. Nood basins are sealed with a unique penetrative sealer that ensures they will not delaminate in time, and never need resealing.


Nood basins weigh between 10kg / 20 pounds and 17kg / 34 pounds. Manageable from factory to installation.

Installation and Maintenance

Simple, simple simple. Nood have videos on this entire process. It is as easy as a ceramic basin.


Feminised Concrete

We took a common building material and added curve, colour, proportion and care to create a range of considered pieces that are suitable for any design environment or style, expanding concrete into the real world.


We have created a manufacture process that is systemised but still allowed a handmade process, to ensure results are beautiful every time. A human touch is everything with Nood.

Flash forward to 2020 and Nood has been selling for over 3 years. Nood products have sold in 42 countries, we are visited annually by 112 countries, and the company continues to expand daily. Our goal is to provide a complete service from brand to consumer experience, purchase, manufacture, shipping, to long term use of our product. Its all design to us.

A new consciousness in concrete is here.